We start all of our branding and design projects with this in mind:

Brands are an experience. And the best brands tell a great story.

When someone lands on your website, what do they see? Are they able to tell what you’re about? Are they moved? What do they feel?

We take on a limited number of branding and design clients each year because we understand the time and energy it takes to help people craft a client experience that tells the story of their business. Whether it’s a full re-brand, a website, or a logo, we seek to tell the story of your brand.

Our websites are hand-crafted, and use custom WordPress themes designed to showcase content in a way that is easy for both site visitors and search engines to read. Other projects include logo and brand design, content creation, copywriting, pricing guides, business cards, and stationery. 

  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Website and Blog Design & Development
  • Pricing Guides
  • Business cards and Stationery




The Process

Step One:

We hang out: Let’s take 30 minutes to an hour and chat about your business, purpose, ideal client, and vision. We’ll generally spend some time perusing Pinterest and reviewing a brand questionnaire you’ll complete in advance of the meeting. If we can meet in person, we’ll try to make it happen; if not, Skype or Google Hangouts will suffice. I’ll also take sometime to dive deep into any current marketing collateral you have created.

Step Two:

We plan it out: After getting to know you and your business, we’ll draft up a strategy and rough conceptual designs. We’ll spend a little time tweaking and revising until you’re ready to move forward.

Step Three:

We get after it: Once we have a concept, we’ll go ahead and begin crafting the final version. If it’s a logo or print material, it may just of polishing it up and prepping your files. Websites are hand crafted on my personal test server, debugged, and then moved over to your domain before launch.

Before we begin a project, we want to make sure we’re the perfect fit. If you’re interested in working with us,
send us an email with as many details (number of pages, specific designs, functionality) as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the design process typically take?

It depends on the project. Logos generally average four to six weeks while stationery may take as little as two to four weeks. Websites are a much bigger project, and generally take eight to twelve weeks.

How does payment work?

33% of the project total is due to begin design. The next payment is due 45 days into the process, and the remaining balance is due to receive final files or launch. We accept credit cards through an online invoice system.

Do you customize ProPhoto templates for WordPress?

No, we do not. All of the themes we create are custom and run on WordPress. We’ve found that if you don’t pay for the updates, ProPhoto tends to break. It also doesn’t give us as much control over the design, and thus it’s harder for us to tell the story of your brand. When we create themes from scratch, we don’t have as many limits in terms of design, and we can make sure that updates are super easy.

How much does everything cost?

We charge hourly and the price of a project varies depending on what you’re looking for. If you would like a quote, send us an email with as many details (number of pages, specific designs, functionality) as possible.

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Will you host my website?

We don’t host the websites we create because ultimately it’s better for our clients to have complete control over domains and hosting; however, we will help you set up your hosting, transfer domain names, etc. If you still need a hosting company or you’re not happy with yours, we really like Site5.

Are your sites SEO friendly?

Of course! All of our sites are set up to be search engine friendly, and we’ll give you some tips for making sure your content does well in Google searches.


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