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How gifting can change your business | Via Davey & Krista

How Gifting Can Change Your Business

There’s something special about picking out a great gift for someone to demonstrate your gratitude for their relationship or excitement over a significant life event. We have a tendency, though, to be better gift givers as people than we do as business owners. For whatever reason, we often forget certain characteristics of great gift-giving when we’re giving gifts to clients. We slap our logos on the side of everything from cheap pens to more luxury items and send them on their way.

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Five ways to avoid Imitation

Five Ways to Avoid Imitation

Everyone wants a unique website that feels like them, attracts ideal clients, and illustrates an amazing brand. But figuring out what to put on your website? That’s where the overwhelm starts. It’s okay to be inspired by someone else’s brand or website, but there is a fine line between imitation and inspiration.

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Why reading fiction is good for your bottom line | Davey & Krista

Why Reading Fiction is Good for Your Bottom Line

I think fiction books tend to get a bad rap in the business world. Most the books I see on reading lists and most of the books I see friend sharing about on social media are non-fiction. I love reading and I’ve read several life-changing non-fiction books already this year, but as creative business owners, we sometimes tend to underestimate the power of a good fiction book.

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How to start a print or educational resource shop - passive income | Davey & Krista

How to Start a Shop

Regardless of what you do, there are probably a few ways you can earn some passive income through creating an online shop. Even if it’s just a small side hustle, a few extra dollars each month can add up. And who knows, maybe it will turn into something bigger! But you’ll never know until you give it a shot.

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A Husband's Perspective on Going Full Time | Davey & Krista

A Husband’s Perspective on Going Full Time

When Krista started our photography and design business shortly after we graduated from college, I didn’t think it was something I would also do full time. But I admired her grit in starting the business. As anyone who has ever started a business knows, there are a lot of false-starts and obstacles along the way. Continue Reading

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48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

48 Hours in Austin, Texas

Food, food and more food – and our failed attempt to visit Chip & Jojo!

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