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7 SEO Link Building Techniques to Increase Traffic

Link building has long been touted as one of the best ways to optimize for search engines and increase traffic. Links to your website from other sites (backlinks) can indicate authority and relevancy if it’s done correctly. If someone clicks on a link to your site and sticks around because it has useful content, Google knows your filling a need for someone. And it may contribute to a bump in ranking for certain keywords.

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5 Simple Tips for Creating a Landing Page that Converts

So we know landing pages are great way to generate leads for campaigns. It’s a chance to call attention to a specific opportunity. It has the potential to convert over 15% of visitors to perform a specific action, and quickly build your email list. But where do begin?

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Define a Brand Aesthetic | Davey and Krista

Defining a Brand Aesthetic

I’m often asked how I come up with color palettes for brands. Color palettes often help set the overall aesthetic for a brand and since my method is something anyone trying to improve their brands could do, I thought I would share how I came up with my aesthetic.

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Create and submit a Sitemap to Google | WordPress SEO | via Davey & Krista

How to Easily Create a Sitemap and Submit a Sitemap

It’s easy to create and submit a sitemap to Google. Search engines use sitemaps to “crawl” through pages on your webpage to index them. Think about it as a list of all the pages in a website. Several years ago, it was popular to make that list physically accessible to site visitors. But with improved searches and navigation within a website, many sites only generate sitemaps for search engines.

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Schedule Social media on WordPress with Coschedule | Davey & Krista

10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site

There’s a reason that over 25% of content management sites on the internet are built using WordPress. It’s open-source, robust, and relatively easy-to-use.

And perhaps best of all, thousands of plugins have been created for WordPress. Whether you’re trying to collect emails, keep people on your site longer, or create search-engine friendly posts, there’s a plugin for it!

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Five benefits of sleep | Davey & Krista

5 Benefits of Sleep You’re Missing Out On

We tend to live in a world that glorifies those entrepreneurs who are always hustling and seem to never sleep. But more and more people are recognizing that sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. And that sleep has the potential to lead to more success. Take sometime this Labor Day Weekend to get caught up on sleep.

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