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Category Archives: WordPress Help

9 Reasons You Should Use WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It’s flexible, easy-to-use, and if you have a website, there’s a good chance you’re using WordPress.

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Schedule Social media on WordPress with Coschedule | Davey & Krista

10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site

There’s a reason that over 25% of content management sites on the internet are built using WordPress. It’s open-source, robust, and relatively easy-to-use.

And perhaps best of all, thousands of plugins have been created for WordPress. Whether you’re trying to collect emails, keep people on your site longer, or create search-engine friendly posts, there’s a plugin for it!

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Installing the Yoast SEO plugin on Wordpress sites | via Davey & Krista

Tutorial: Installing the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress Sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always evolving, and it requires a bit of technical know-how. Fortunately, if you’re a WordPress user, there are plugins designed to help you with your SEO goals. This post is the first of a series that will explain how to use Yoast SEO on Wordpress sites. Today’s post focuses on installing the plugin.

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Install SumoMe List Builder Popup | Davey & Krista

Mailing List 101: Installing the SumoMe List Builder Pop-up

We use the SumoMe wordpress plugin because it’s affordable, super easy to install, and robust. Once the plugin is installed, you’ll have access to all of their list-building and traffic tools (some free, some paid).

One of our favorite SumoMe tools is List Builder—a simple pop-up that prompts website visitors to subscribe to your email list.

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Using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome to Find Your "Real" Google Rank

Your “Real” Google Rank

If you’re logged into your Google account, the results you see are most likely based on your location, the device you’re using, your browser, your email calendar, Google+ activity, your browser history, what your email contacts are sharing on Google+, and even the bookmarks in your browser. So let’s say you’re a calligrapher, and you search for calligraphers in your area—you’ll most likely show up in the search results because Google knows who is searching.

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Styling Links to your Site on Facebook

Have you ever tried to share a link to your site on Facebook and noticed that the standard images and text didn’t really represent your site? It’s even worse when someone else tries to share a link and “featured on” badges or other odd elements show up. It’s not the best for brand identity and Continue Reading

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