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Category Archives: Branding

Stop Avoiding Conflict in Your Brand’s Story

Take a second and think about your favorite stories. Got it? Now remove the conflict. Harry Potter without Voldemort? Lord of the Rings without Sauron and the ring? It’s impossible. Without conflict, you’re left with a boring story—really, it’s no story at all. Think about everything conflict does for a story…

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How gifting can change your business | Via Davey & Krista

How Gifting Can Change Your Business

There’s something special about picking out a great gift for someone to demonstrate your gratitude for their relationship or excitement over a significant life event. We have a tendency, though, to be better gift givers as people than we do as business owners. For whatever reason, we often forget certain characteristics of great gift-giving when we’re giving gifts to clients. We slap our logos on the side of everything from cheap pens to more luxury items and send them on their way.

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Five ways to avoid Imitation

Five Ways to Avoid Imitation

Everyone wants a unique website that feels like them, attracts ideal clients, and illustrates an amazing brand. But figuring out what to put on your website? That’s where the overwhelm starts. It’s okay to be inspired by someone else’s brand or website, but there is a fine line between imitation and inspiration.

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Brand + Website Launch: Laura & Rachel Photography

We’re excited to share Laura & Rachel’s new custom Showit5 WordPress website with you today! We met this incredible Monterey, California mother & daughter team last year. They have the biggest hearts and do so much to better the community around them – so you can imagine how excited we were when they asked us to create their new logo and website!

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When should you invest in branding for your photography or creative business? | Davey & Krista

Don’t Invest in Branding Too Soon

There are all sorts of reasons to hire a brand designer. But one mistake we see too often is people trying to hire brand designers too soon. If you haven’t quite come into your own style, or don’t have an understanding of your ideal client, it’s probably best to hold-off spending a ton of money on a custom brand design. Instead, save some money and focus on exploring your brand’s identity and your ideal client by getting some experience.

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Website and brand designers Davey & Krista Jones

Our New Look

The past few months have been full of change. It began with the decision to relaunch The Palm Shop, which Krista initially started to feature her design work. But as we revisited the site, we found that we were making more and more changes so that it reflected our “current” brand (at least how we saw it at the time). It became increasingly apparent that a simple revision wasn’t going to cut it. Too much had changed over the last two years.

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