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We first met Ashley & Tyler a few years ago when we helped them rebrand and since then, they’ve become dear friends. They even came and stayed with us for a night while we worked on this new launch. A lot has changed for the Herrintons since our last launch together, and we were super excited to help their brand transition too. 
Why did you decide to rebrand & redesign your website?
We decided towards the end of last year to specialize in filmmaking. We both realized that the industry is highly saturated with photographers and that we had something unique and different to offer from a filmmaking stand point. So with that change, we knew we had to update our branding to reflect the switch to being full-time filmmakers!
New logo:

Tell us about your ideal client:
“We exist for the couple who cares about their wedding day as much as they do all the days that come after”
This statement sums up who our ideal client is!! While we love weddings and love documenting the love stories of all of our sweet couples, we know that the “honeymoon” phase in a marriage only lasts for so long. That real life starts again, that the valley and the mountaintop experiences come, and that in those moments you have to choose to remember why you began. Why you said “yes” to a lifetime together. We believe that in capturing your wedding day, we aren’t just capturing the moments or the memories, but we’re capturing you in your purest sense. So that when times are hard or choosing one another is difficult, that you can look back on these moments and remember why you began. 
What is it about your brand that makes it unique?
One thing we both really wanted when we started rebranding was to be really different. We wanted our website to look different than anything we’d ever seen. We also wanted a very minimalistic feel with lots of white space and to let our work speak for itself. Our clientele has changed a lot over the years so we wanted to communicate our professionalism while also still staying true to ourselves and our personalities. Which really comes through in subtle ways like our experience film on the home page, our more relaxed headshot on the couch and the slider full of the things that we love on our about page! 
Classic photography & videography website design | Davey & Krista
Is there anything you think people considering rebranding should know?
I think it’s really easy to come across as stiff over the internet. So don’t be afraid to include little elements that showcase your true self. Like a fun photo or a fun video or something that shows the human side of you to the world. More than anything people are coming to your website to connect with you, not just hear about your services!! So give that piece to connect to!!
You can find Ashley & Tyler on:
Instagram (Ash, Ty), Vimeo, Facebook & YouTube
PS – If you’re a filmmaker or interested in becoming a filmmaker, Ashley and Tyler a hosting a free webinar next week! 
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