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48 Hours in Austin, Texas

Food, Things to Do and our Failed Waco Trip

By Krista Jones

If you follow us on Instagram (Krista, Davey), you probably saw that we spent this weekend in Austin, Texas. One of our wedding couples, Anne & Matt, have lived in Austin for the past few years and brought us out to take their engagement photos in the city.

We’ve traveled a LOT in the past year, but this was one of the first trips where we actually had time to explore the city. We didn’t know very much about Austin before this trip and outside of a few recommendations, I figured out a lot of where to visit from several articles I found through Pinterest. 

This was our first time in Austin and we absolutely loved it! The weather was so warm compared to Maryland (although apparently it was a little cold for Austin) and even though it was a little rainy on Sunday, we still enjoyed exploring outside.

48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

Where to Eat (Bec

Any Food Truck – The city is filled with food trucks and we’ve heard that it’s really hard to go wrong with tacos from a food truck. We got outs from the Art of Tacos on Rainey Street. 

Voodoo Donuts – We waited in line for about 45 minutes but they were worth it! Voodoo is famous for their weird donuts. We saw some with cocoa puffs, reeses bits, bacon and more! Davey tried a peanut butter one and because it was right before dinner, I had a small chocolate one with sprinkles. Davey’s dad was in Austin last weekend and also recommended Gourdough’s Big Fat Doughnuts on First. So if you’re a big donut fan, check out both!

Sprinkles Cupcake – I know that they have Sprinkles cupcakes in a several locations around the country, but this was our first time trying them. Spinkles was located directly across the street from our hotel and we couldn’t resist the Cupcake ATM!

48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

General Tso’Boy – I was a little unsure about this one but the food was incredible! I had a salad with Honey Walnut Shimp and Davey tried a General Tso’s Chicken Sandwich and a Cheeseburger Spring Roll. I know, they look and sound gross, but they were so good! This apparently started as a food truck, but they opened a brick-and-mortar location in Domain.

Freedman’s – We didn’t actually get to eat here, but Davey’s Dad & our hotel concierge highly recommended it! 

The Salt Lick – The Salt Lick is about 40 minutes outside of Austin and there is normally a 2 hour or so wait. We were going to visit Sunday afternoon, but Anne & Matt said that we could grab the same food at the airport without the wait. So before we took off on Monday morning, we both got breakfast burritos from The Salt Lick. Davey really wanted to try their brisket and I had a more traditional burrito. SO GOOD guys!! 

Where to Stay 

Archer Hotel – This is where we stayed and although it was really nice and the center is a really great outdoor mall type of shopping center, it was a little out of the way and the restaurants / clubs that are in the center are loud at night. It’s also about a 15 minute drive to reach downtown without traffic. While that’s not bad, it did make exploring a little more difficult. 

Rooms at the Archer Hotel | 48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

Westin Austin Downtown (or a similar hotel) – If Davey and I were going back, we would probably stay in the heart of downtown closer to the University. 

What to Do

6th Street – There are tons of outdoor bars with live music all along this street. Austin is apparently the live music capital of the world… and there was live music everywhere.

Rainey Street – This is a short walk from 6th street and it’s filled with cute little houses & patios that have been turned into bars. String lights hang across the streets and there are also a few alcoves filled with food trucks. We grabbed tacos from a food truck on our first night in town and they were so good! We didn’t actually go into any of the bars, but they looked like a ton of fun, and we heard that Banger’s had amazing sausages. It also looked like a lot of the bars were dog friendly! 

Parks – There are a ton of parks and outdoor spaces in Austin. We took Anne & Matt’s engagement photos at Auditorium Shores. It’s right across the water from downtown and there are paths that run along the water and even over the water. If you’re a runner or the weather is nice, this would be a great place to spend the afternoon! There is also a Pitch and Putt that looked fun!

48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

Alamo Drafthouse – Sunday afternoon was a little rainy and instead of heading downtown for dinner, we decided to watch La La Land at the Alamo Theater. The seats have little tables and menus for ordering drinks, snacks and dinner. If you want to place an order while the movie is playing, you write your order on a little slip of paper and set it up on your table. The waitress will sneak up, grab it and come back a few minutes later with your order. They were super fast about bringing orders! 

Waco – I’m adding this to my list even though Davey and I didn’t actually get to go visit Waco. Once we moved Anne and Matt’s engagement session to the morning, we had an open afternoon and we figured we could head out to Waco for the afternoon. Thankfully before driving the hour and a half to get to Waco, Davey looked up Magnolia Market’s hours and realized it was closed on Sunday. Such a bummer – especially since I read the entire Magnolia Story on the plane ride to Texas! 

Bats – If you’re heading to Austin in the summer, the bats over the Congress Street bridge are supposed to be amazing (look up photo online). 1.5 million bats come out from under the bridge and fly off to look for food. 

Swimming Holes & Springs – It was too cold to visit any of Austin’s natural swimming holes, but they look like they’re a ton of fun in the summer! 

It was a quick but fun trip to Austin! We’re leaving a few pounds heavier but happier 🙂 And next time we visit Texas, we’re going to explore Waco and the canyons, swimming holes and more scenic parts of Texas!

48 Hours in Austin, Texas: Where to eat, stay and play! | Davey & Krista

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