No Razor Fundraiser

No Shave November for Creatives

Posted : 2:52 pm By Davey Jones

Calling all the creative dudes out there… We’re excited to reveal a project that we have been working on with the folks at KISS Books and Photoserve: a No Razor Fundraiser. We’re looking for creative dudes who are willing to grow their best beards or mustaches during the month of November to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Photoserve.

How to Create a Google My Business Listing | Davey & Krista

Local SEO: Creating a Google My Business Listing

How to Create a Business Listing

Posted : 1:00 am By Davey Jones

Creating a Google My Business listing can increase the likelihood you appear in local results. When people conduct a search, Google uses their geographic location (if available) in an attempt to deliver the most relevant results. This is more relevant for some businesses than others, but our guess is most of you serve people in your local area, and thus would benefit from appearing in local results.


Posted : 1:00 am By Davey Jones

We’re a small team over here at Davey & Krista. But it still requires an intentional effort to stay on the same page. We often take on many different initiatives and types of projects, which means we need a way to quickly collaborate with each other. Enter Slack messaging: an easy team communication solution and alternative to email.


Moo Luxe Business Cards

Business Card Design for Creatives

Posted : 12:23 pm By Krista Jones

With the launch of this new site, we figured it was about time we designed new business cards & note cards for ourselves. Our other cards are about four years old and while we still love the design, they point people to our photography site. We knew we wanted thick cards that make an impression, but we didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on letterpress cards.

How to Optimize Images for Search Engines | Davey & Krista

Optimize Images for Search Engines

Adding Alt-Text and Sizing Images

Posted : 1:00 am By Davey Jones

Bloggers, especially photographers, want to blog the highest quality version of their work. But those large images are a beast to load. Slow load times increase the likelihood a visitor clicks “back” which results in a “bounce.” Bounces indicate to Google that the web page didn’t deliver relevant content. A high bounce rate may result in lower rankings on search engine results pages. So, how do we optimize our images so they look great while not destroying my site speed?