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Why every small business owner needs a coach | Davey & Krista

Why Everyone Needs a Coach

In the years that we made it a point to find coaching, we were able to make the biggest jumps in our business. This included booking more work while raising our prices, building an audience, and getting to a point in our businesses where we both could go full time.

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Website Launch: Magnolia Photography

A brand new custom WordPress website for Magnolia Photography. They’re champagne drinkers, pet lovers and adventurers. We took their three existing sites (Carolina weddings, Destination weddings & workshops), and brought them together to create one home for Magnolia photography.

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Working with your spouse | Davey & Krista

Working Together as a Husband & Wife Team

Working with a spouse can be a huge blessing. There’s freedom and flexibility, and it’s often fun working together. Krista and I have really enjoyed being able to say yes to adventures that we wouldn’t have been able to go on when we were working our 9-5s. But it can also be challenging.

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5 Mistakes We've Made & the Lessons We've Learned | Davey & Krista

5 Mistakes We’ve Made & the Lessons We’ve Learned

After two quarters of running Davey & Krista, we’re now beginning to be able to look at how some of our decisions have played out. There’s plenty we’re excited about and grateful for, but there’s also a few areas where we know we dropped the ball. Here’s a look at 5 of the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned over the past two quarters.

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Stop Avoiding Conflict in Your Brand’s Story

Take a second and think about your favorite stories. Got it? Now remove the conflict. Harry Potter without Voldemort? Lord of the Rings without Sauron and the ring? It’s impossible. Without conflict, you’re left with a boring story—really, it’s no story at all. Think about everything conflict does for a story…

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Website Launch: Hannah Lane Photography

Hannah’s style is joyful, warm, loving, bright and elegant. She loves the beach as much as we do and we love the way she cares for her couples. Her target client is “a fun couple full of personality and life.” Someone who loves adventure as much as Hannah does and someone who trusts her guidance. Her brand is classic but comfortable with a touch of artsy flare.

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